Broken Warrior 2024 -

Ht. 83 x W. 48 x D. 37 cms.

Flax and fine branches from my garden.

Flax Bouquet 2023 -

Ht. 90 x W. 52 x D. 45 cms.

Flax, bark, branches from my garden with string, on slate.

Sound Scape 2024 -

9 Art in Nature Sculptures by Lorna Green with music composed by Julia Harding.
Materials/names of sculptures/music compositions:
Rock, Log, Water, Feathers, Tree, Parasitic Plant, Pebbles, Coal, Earth.

Dimensions variable.

‘Sound Scape’ is an interactive installation with 9 art in nature sculptures and music composed by Julia Harding, developed in 2016. It was awarded an a-n Artist Information Company Professional Development Bursary. The world premiere was on Sunday 18th September 2016.  This performance was its fifth performance for Contemporary Music for All COMA Festival 2024.


“Big Stones”. 2022. -

Video by Lorna Green at Endon Quarry in Kerridge, Cheshire.

Music and sound composed and performed  on 5th March 2022 by CoMA Manchester, led by Ellen Sargen,  for the Festival of Contemporary Music for All at St Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, Manchester.

“Prunings” 2021 -

Installation and photos by Lorna Green. Music composed by Manchester CoMA Ensemble led by Ellen Sargen. Evening performance video edited by Sam Hollington and Shaun Davies.  Park version recorded and mixed by Shaun Davies and video created by Bofan Ma.

“Prunings” an installation made from garden prunings and photographed between 9th April and July 21st 2021, was performed at a Festival of Contemporary Music in August 2021, “Streaming Blue” , funded by  Arts Council England. There were 3 performances – two in St. Margaret’s Church, Whalley Range, and one in Philips Park, Manchester.

From the Darkness. 2020/21 -

Wooden sleeper and enamel painted wood posts.

Ht. 160 cms x 85 cms x 85 cms.

Made  during Lockdown about emerging from the darkness into the light after all the restrictions.

Included  in Manchester Academy of Fine Arts (MAFA) Exhibition,  “ Art of the Everyday” at Gallery Oldham. June/July 2021.

Lockdown 2020 -

Sculptures made in response to the pandemic and lockdown.

  • "CV-Red" Painted foam, cane, polyester asters. Dia 40cm x Ht 35cm. Made early April 2020 and inspired by the coronavirus images which were very colourful and exotic.

  • "A Rainbow for the NHS" 2020. Flowers, petals, leaves. 50cms x 30cms x 5cms. Inspired by the rainbows children made when we clapped for the NHS each Thursday at 8pm.

  • "CV-Black" Painted foam and painted polyester flowers. Dia 30cm x Ht 20cm. Made late June 2020 after nearly 4 months of lockdown and the future seemed bleak.

  • "Nearly Outside" 2020. Bark, painted string, branches, tissue paper flowers. Ht. 95cm x W. 75cm x D. 35cm. Made for AiNIN Challenge Emergence - Art in Nature International Network call for entries about the lockdown.

  • "Out of the Circle" 2020. Dia 250cm x 35cm. Stone. Made in Endon Quarry, Kerridge, Macclesfield - a quarry I have used for many years. This was my first visit since lockdown.

The Big Draw 2019 -

Half a sleeper and painted fence posts. Private commission.

Ht. 175cm x W. 20cms x L. 1.2m.

The pencils are painted in each member of the family’s favourite colour.

"Quarry" 2017-2019. -

““Quarry” at Stockport Art Gallery within Manchester Academy of Fine Arts Exhibition.

"Quarry" 2017-2019 -

“Quarry” 2017-2019, by Lorna Green with music by Julia Harding is a sculpture/video/music installation about four aspects of Endon Quarry in Kerridge, Macclesfield. Filmed over 12 months, the videos:- ‘Machines Story’, ‘Quarry Landscape’, Birds, Bees and Butterflies’, and ‘Water, Mud, Snow’ play with natural sounds and repeated with music, was first exhibited at The Bollington Festival in May 2019. A bursary from Manchester Academy of Fine Art was awarded to achieve “Quarry” and it will be shown again in a MAFA Exhibition at Stockport Art Gallery in September 2019.



"The News: Remember, Remember" 2018. -

Gold painted wood, silk poppies and peace lilies. 160 x 60 x 60 cms

“The News: Remember, Remember” is the fifth sculpture in the theme of “The News” which started in 2016– see images below, – and was made for Cheshire Artists Network Exhibition ‘War& Peace’ at Chester Cathedral commemorating the end of World War 1.

"Oak Tree" 2018. -

Painted wood branches and steel leaves. 120 x 120 cms.

“Oak Tree” was commissioned by McGarvey Jones Financial Planning in Manchester for their board room. It is mounted 5cms from the wall showing the changing shadows during the day.

"Framed" 2018. -

Painted wood frame, painted steel and copper leaves.
Dimensions variable.

“Framed” was conceived in conjunction with Julia Harding’s premiere of “St Barnabus at the Fourth Bandstand”, for the Barnaby Festival 2018, at Tegg’s Nose in Macclesfield with KEMS Concert Band. “Framed” alludes to the bandstand implying enclosure as well as framing the landscape. Macclesfield has four parks originally with three bandstands, but now only has two – this was a new temporary one.

"To be, or not to be ....." 2017. -

“To be, or not to be ….” was made in 2017 at a time of turmoil in the world which was particularly violent and destructive, leading to the migration of millions of people seeking refuge from the horrors of war. The five languages are English, Latin, Russian, Hebrew and Arabic. It has been shown in Bollington Arts Centre and Chester Cathedral in Cheshire Artists Network exhibitions.

Stained logs and copper nails. Height 40cms x variable diameter.

Summer 2017 -

“Summer 2017” was made for Cheshire Artists Network’s new exhibition ‘Tatton: New Perspectives’ in the Stewards Hall, Mansion House, in Tatton Park until 29th Oct.

In 2008 I made three installations about the deer in Tatton Park with painted branches representing their antlers.

“Spring, Summer and Autumn 1, 2 and 3” within Something Beautiful in Cheshire ‘s Year of Gardens. This new work is made from grasses and wild flowers with painted twigs found in the park.

'Sound Scape' 2016 -

9 Art in Nature Sculptures with music composed by Julia Harding.
Materials/names of sculptures/music compositions:
Rock, Log, Water, Feathers, Tree, Parasitic Plant, Pebbles, Coal, Earth.

Dimensions variable.

‘Sound Scape’ is an interactive installation with 9 art in nature sculptures and music composed by Julia Harding developed in 2016. It was awarded an a-n Artist Information Company Professional Development Bursary. The world premiere was on Sunday 18th September and a further performance will be on February 23rd at Manchester Art Gallery included in the ‘Thursday Lates’ programme. Each performance is different according to the choices of the musicians in selecting the sculptures and the music and lasts around 40 minutes.

‘Sound Scape’ has nine sections, every performer plays every section at least once and there should not be any attempt to achieve synchronisation of the parts but performers should feel free to respond musically to each other during the performance.

‘Sound Scape’ was included in Cheshire Open Studios Exhibition at Charles Roe House in Macclesfield. The nine sculptures were installed and two compilations of the music have been recorded and complied by Paul Maddocks, Sound Engineer, in conjunction with Julia Harding, the composer, for continuous playing throughout the exhibition when the musicians are not present.

'Sound Scape' - Manchester Art Gallery -

‘Sound Scape’ was performed on February 23rd 2017 in the atrium at Manchester Art Gallery, for their ‘Thursday Lates’ series of events. The next performance is on July 19th at 8pm at The Dome in Buxton – part of the Buxton Fringe Festival during the Buxton International Festival.

'Sound Scape' - Buxton Festival Fringe -

On July 19th 2017, Sound Scape was performed within the Buxton Festival Fringe in the Devonshire Dome, built in the late 18th century as the Great Stables for 120 horses and accompanying servants and visitors by the 5th Duke of Devonshire. It eventually became The Devonshire Royal Hospital and since 2001, a campus for the University of Derby and Buxton College.

The acoustics are incredible due to the massive size of both circumference and height, which added yet another dimension to the performance and the audience was extremely appreciative and moved by the performance and was able to walk amongst and around the musicians as well as view from the gallery above. We received an excellent review and were delighted to be nominated for an Award.

"Sound Scape" 2018 - The Lowry -

“Sound Scape” was performed at The Lowry in Salford, a theatre and exhibitions venue, in the Promenade Gallery with photos and information about L.S. Lowry,1887-1976, RBA RA, who drew and painted the area where he lived. It was extremely well received by visitors to the galleries and the theatre as well as those who came specially to hear it. This was the fifth performance and it was once again, completely different to the previous performances.

'The Giving Tree' 2016. -

Commissioned by the Trustees of Tarporley War Memorial Hospital in Cheshire to raise funds for the hospital which has been in existence since 1919. The names of donors will be written on the 450 leaves by a calligrapher.

There are three sizes of leaves – small, medium and large in copper, satin stainless steel, light and dark green powder coated steel, attached to the branches of the painted trees.Approx. 4m wide x 3m high.

'The News' 2015-2017 -

A series of sculptures which relate to recent events in the news – in 2015 – WW1 centenary and the news of the many wars around the world during that period. ‘The News’ is of painted wood and chains, ‘The News: Prisoners’ is painted wood and chains, and ‘The News: Remembrance’ is painted wood and silk poppies.

In 2017, ‘The News: Brexit’, 2017, of painted branches, fencing clips, an apple crate with tissue paper, represents how Britain will become insular, trapped, less outward and isolated not only by the actions but also because it is an island. The series will continue.

  • The News

  • The News

  • The News: Prisoners

  • The News: Prisoners

  • The News: Remembrance

  • The News: Remembrance

  • The News: Brexit

  • The News: Brexit

“El Eco del Pasada - Echo from the Past” 2014 -

Made for Tufi’Arte 2014 in Tufia, Gran Canaria, an international symposium of 14 projects organised by AiNIN – Art in Nature International Network. The whole village helped with all the projects during the week as well as hosting the artists.

The painting, 28m x 18m, of white lime with black and pink pigment, represents the conch or caracola horn that was blown by the Guanche – the original people of Gran Canaria before battle. It is under the flight path – visible from the planes.

  • Conch shell and drawings

  • El Eco del Pasada from the air - Photo: Javier Suarez

  • El Eco del Pasada 2014

  • El Eco del Pasada - with village - Photo: Javier Suarez

“Falling leaves” 2014 -

For The Sculpture Show- The Visionary Landscape of Professor Sir Robert Burgess, at The Harold Martin Botanic Gardens at the University of Leicester.
Cherry logs, specially designed glass “leaves” in 5 colours, stainless steel.
Ht. 2.5m x Dia. 95cms.

“Falling leaves” recognises the importance of The Harold Martin Botanic Gardens and its position in the world of research. The “leaves” represent the changing colours from early spring when yellow, through summer with various greens, into autumn with rich browns and gold, are inlaid into a reconstructed deconstructed cherry tree cut down in 2011 from across the road where I live. It has been replaced with a healthy tree and the original tree lives once more.

“La Mouette/The Seagull” 2014 -

Commissioned by Usine Utopik for the 2nd Symposium, Bords de Vire in Saint Lô and Tessy-sur-Vire, Normandy, France.

White painted branches with black tips. Ht. 4m x W.9m x D.2m.

Seagulls are generally seen in the sky, on the sea, the beach and the ground. For four months Saint Lô will have its own seagull in a tree by the River Vire.

'Sylvan Sparkle' 2013/14 - for Elephant Parade UK National Tour 2013/14. -

‘Sylvan Sparkle’ is covered with artificial jungle leaves including banana, cassava, zebra and yucca, and jewels – diamonds, topaz, emeralds etc between them representing the sun shining through the leaves and sparkling on the ground.

  • Photo: Graham Flack

  • The Great Hall in the Trafford Centre Photo: Tom Purslow

La Cloche Perdue 2013 -

Ht.7m x dia.1.5m
Painted wood branches in colours of fire, bronze painted cane.

Commissioned by Lez’Arts en Adret for ‘Fantastique’ the theme of Sentier Artistique Hautecour 2013, Savoie, France. The sculpture illustrates the moment when the bell melted into the ground.

‘La légende de la Cloche Perdue’ by Lorna Green

Once upon a time a long time ago in the village of Hautecourt a very strange event happened. One dark and foggy night a large bell suddenly appeared in the wood. It seemed to come from the sky and the villagers could not understand how it appeared and where it had come from. For several days they pondered over its existence and soon made plans to install it in the church tower. Arrangements were made to move it but the night before this was due to happen — there came a great storm, wind, rain, thunder and lightening, more violent and frightening than anyone had seen or experienced before. Suddenly, there came from the sky, in the biggest flash of lightening ever seen, a thunderbolt, which set fire to the trees around the bell. In the intense heat of the fire the bell became molten and gradually disappeared into the ground. The villagers watched the great fire with fear and trembling as the bell which arrived from the sky slowly melted into the earth.. No trace of the bell was ever found — no one knew where it came from and no one knows where it went to, but maybe it returned to the depths of the earth where the copper was originally mined? The mystery of the lost bell may never be resolved.

'Asseyez-vous et regardez' 2012 -

20m x 18m x 1.5m
For ‘Mine d’art en sentier 2012’ , an 8 kilometre trail in the Parc naturel régional Scarpe-Escaut, le Pays de Condé in the Nord-Pas de Calais Basin, an area once famous for its mining industry.

‘Asseyez-vous et régardez’ with mounds of red and black schist, surround 10 boulders inlaid with brass ‘jetons’ —representing the miners’ identity discs, is for people walking or cycling the trail to relax and enjoy the surrounding landscape. Eleven sculptors from around the world took part in the symposium.

2011, 'Red' -

H 2.5m x W 1.5m x D 1.15m
Olive tree from Portugal, specially designed glass and red paint.

For 1st International Olive Wood Symposium, Gangelt, Germany organised by Sculpture Network, Germany

2011, 'Liber Plantarum' -

2m x 3.2m x 3.5m
Made for a ‘A Decade of Sculpture’ at The Harold Martin Botanic Gardens, University of Leicester.

The Harold Martin Botanic Gardens are renowned for their research focus in floristics (cataloguing and describing the species in a geographical region) and taxonomy, (classification). ‘Liber Plantarum’ – (The Book of Plants) uses materials from the gardens – various plants and bamboo, boulders, dressed stone, slate, pavers and plant pots, in recognition of the studies of the scientists and gardeners.

'Blue Bird' 2011 -

Iridescent blue painted branches each 75 cms.
Height. 5m x wingspans 4.5m.

‘3Rs: Reclaimed, Recycled, Raw’ Sculpture Trail in the Vale of Belvoir.
The path along the Grantham Canal in Belvoir, is home to many species of birds — ‘Blue Bird’ flutters gently in the breeze from a tree by Stenwith Bridge.

'River' 2011 -

8m x 12m x 0.5m
Limestone grit stone boulders inlaid with designed glass ‘pools’ and painted ‘rivulets’ sited on blue tarmac.

Commissioned by Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council for the entrance to the new Darwen Leisure Centre, Lancashire. The sculpture echoes the theme of water throughout the Leisure Centre.

'Blooming Branches' 2010 -

Red blue and green plastic bottle tops – each ‘bloom’ about 30cms long, and green, brown, olive and clear glass wine and beer bottles hanging by fisherman’s twine from the branches of Pandanus trees.

Made for ‘artsCape Biennial 2010,’ June 26th to July 11th, at Clarkes Beach, Byron Bay, NSW, Australia.

Play the two videos simultaneously for a sense of the
sounds of the five ‘Blooming Branches’ with glass bottles when the wind blows.

'The Festival Labyrinth' 2009 with Jeff Teasdale -

30m x 15m x 3m. 150 Kerridge sandstone boulders and crushed stone, seeded with 9 grasses.

This is the permanent sculpture for the Bollington Festival on the Middlewood Way off Grimshaw Lane, in Bollington, Cheshire, funded by the National Lottery Awards for All Scheme and The Bollington Festival, and managed by MAGPIE- Macclesfield Arts Group for Projects in the Environment – with the invaluable help of many volunteers from Bollington.

  • August 2012

  • August 2012

  • May 2010

  • May 2010

  • October 2009

  • October 2009

  • September 2009

  • September 2009

'The Bollington Festival Labyrinth' 2009 with Jeff Teasdale -

Pink water-based masonry paint, oak. 15m x 14m

This labyrinth, was a temporary installation for the Bollington Festival in May 2009, forming part of the Artists’ Trail and as a memorial to Dr John Coope and the previous festivals he inspired.

'Snowdrops for Cambo' 2009 -

Stone, pebbles, and wood sprayed with white paint, natural slate. Sizes variable.

Commissioned by The Cambo Estate, Kingsbarns, St Andrews, Fife as part of Scotland’s Snowdrop Festival. Each of the seven sculptures was inspired by the progress of the snowdrops around the selected sites at the time of making – from closed to full bloom.

The Terracotta Garden. 2008/9 -

2,500 approx. fired clay leaves.

One of three community projects commissioned by Cheshire Artists Network as part of their Art in Gardens programme linked to Cheshire Year of Gardens 2008. The community projects have been funded by Arts Council England – North West and supported by numerous individuals and organisations.

The 2,500 leaves in spirals, a common feature of the community projects, are made from fired red clay by the students of Woodford Lodge High School, The Verdin High School and Hebden Green Community School in Winsford, and Mid Cheshire College in Northwich, and is sited in an internal courtyard at Woodford Lodge High School for all the involved schools and college to use in any creative way.

  • Photo: David Heke

  • Photo: David Heke

'Solar Light' 2008 -

Polyester sunflowers, painted branches, plastic containers, cement.
Flag: 1.25m x 30cms x 2m. Sunflower Trees: variable.

Commissioned by Galerija Meno Parkas, Kaunas, Lithuania for ‘Kaunas Mene:Kontekstai – Kaunas in Art:Contexts’ Contemporary Art Festival in nine venues in the city. The aim of ‘Solar Light’ was to bring warmth and sunlight to a city that is dark, grey and cold with little sunlight between November and March.

  • Photo: Airida Rekstyte

  • Photo: Airida Rekstyte

'Timescale' 2008 -

Varnished blue slate monoliths, brass discs, brass lamps with acrylic, Cor-ten steel arch, blue solar lights, Whinstone gravel, magnesium limestone boulders, and magnesium limestone dust to be planted with heritage plants in the autumn,
L. 50m x W. 30m x Ht.4m

Commissioned by Kelloe Community Partnership in conjunction with Durham County Council for the site adjacent to the original railway line from the colliery which closed in 1983, to reference not only the village’s heritage but also its aspirations for the future.

  • Late Summer evening scene on the TIMESCALE sculptures at Kelloe

  • Winter scene on the TIMESCALE sculptures at Kelloe

'Saver > Screens' 2008 -

Plastic bags, powder coated silver and black steel screens, photos.
Ht. 2.25m x Dia. 2.5m

Commissioned by The Co-operative Financial Services for the foyer of the CIS Building in Manchester as part of their internal campaign to raise issues on re-using plastic bags and protecting the environment.

'Une Rivière pour l'Arc Mosellan' 2008 -

40m x 25m x 20cm. 13 tonnes of stone and metallic paints.
This was chosen for the 1er Symposium International de Sculpture de l’Arc Mosellan , Moulin de Buding, France.

The theme of the symposium was ‘l’eau, une énergie’ – the water, an energy – and the project refers to the water wheel of the mill which is powered by the the canal fed by the meandering La Canner River as well as to the contrast between the natural river and the constructed elements of the canal and the wheel with the use of natural stones and dressed stone blocks and is sprayed with various paints for colour and the sparkle of water in the sunlight.

'Spring, Summer and Autumn'. 1, 2 and 3. 2008 -

Commissioned by Cheshire County Council for ‘Something Beautiful’ in Tatton Park, Knutsford for ‘Cheshire’s Year of Gardens 2008’

The installations are about the life cycle of the deer in the park using fallen branches to represent antlers, painted in the colours of leaves from the yellows of early spring, the greens of summer to the rich tones of autumn – birth to death of both deer and leaves.

Individual tableaux within the three ‘herds’ illustrate their habits – the frequent violent relationships between the males and females, the docility of the older ones, the battles between the stags and the bucks, the births and deaths, as well as the groups of young ones, male and female, who huddle together for protection and to learn from their elders.

'Verso l'Inizio - Towards the Beginning' with Carlotta Brunetti 2008 -

100m x 30m x 5m. Hay, string and willow tree.

The dead hay rises up and over a river into the tree of life, the willow, to be regenerated.

For ‘Humus Park’ International Land Art Meeting in Pordenone, Italy, with 30 artists from 15 countries participating.

  • Photo: Carlotta Brunetti

"Homage to Fantin-Latour" 2007 -

6m x 5m x 4.5m.

Commissioned by York Museums Trust for the exhibition ‘Painting the Summer : Henri Fantin-Latour’ at York Art Gallery as a response to the many paintings of flowers included.

Polyester roses, wood from the Yorkshire Museum Gardens, painted garden urn and vases, and side table from the York Museums Trust collection.

"Bouquet" 2006 -

4m x 2.5m x 2.5m. Powder coated and painted steel, gravel, allotment beds made from railway sleepers.

Commissioned by Windmill Hill Primary School, Runcorn, Cheshire as the centrepiece for their allotment beds. ‘Bouquet’ is the result of workshops with all the pupils of the school.

'The Sword and the Stone' 2006 -

18m x 5m x 5cm. Stainless steel, copper, paving stones, gold and silver paint, and large Golden Spey boulder.

Commissioned by Feelgood Theatre Productions for the 2006 Summer Season and Activity Tent for ‘Arthur – King of the Britons’, Heaton Park, Manchester.

"Look, Reflect and Recover" 1 and 2. 2005 -

Two roof gardens with five 3m high “fountains” in total, of stainless steel rods threaded with varied sizes of specially made blue glass beads in “pools” of blue glass chippings in aluminium dishes surrounded by blue neon lights. The “rivers” are of limestone spray-painted with blue enamel paints, glitter and lacquer; each element is surrounded by pebbles. Artificial rocks complete the two gardens

Commissioned by Gateshead NHS Trust for the new North East NHS Surgery Centre at the Queen Elizabeth Hospital.

"Deux Lignes de Couleur dans l'Eau" For Chemin d'art 2005, Saint-Flour, France. -

70 stones in the river on both sides of the bridges: one side with fluorescent red paint, and the other with fluorescent yellow paint.

Tree of Grace, Tree of Love and Admiration, and Tree of Purity. 2005 -

Branches and artificial roses, lilies and carnations on the beach for the Swell Currumbin Sculpture Festival, Queensland, Australia. The titles refer to the symbolism of the flowers.

"A River for the Botanic Gardens" 2005 -

90m long x 1.5m average x 20 cms high.

For “Sculpture in the Garden” a celebration exhibition of the Royal British Society of Sculptors Centenary at the HaroldMartin Botanic Gardens, Leicester University.

20 tonnes of stone and three colours of blue metallic paint.

"Enjoy, View and Use" 2004 -

100m x 70m x 10m

Two amphitheatre forms divided by a ridge for play, performance and events, within the park in the new development, The Hamptons, at Worcester Park, Surrey.
Commissioned by the St James Group Ltd.

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo by: Michael Leonard

  • Photo: David Rymill

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

2004 3rd International Artists Symposium, Westbury Farm Studios, Milton Keynes. -

  • Scrapstore Series: Blue Bloom Blue bottles, plastic covered rods in apple tree

  • Scrapstore Series: Blue Line on the Swimming Pool - detail Blue plastic discs on acetate 18m x 9m x 1cm

  • Scrapstore Series: Green Branch - detail Green bottles suspended by thread from a branch. 8m x 50cm x 10cm

  • Scrapstore Series: Blue Line in the Drawing Room - detail Blue plastic lids and blue plastic chippings 7m x 1.5m x 1cm

2004 "Marquer d'une Pierre Blanche" for Les Doigts d'Art, Salins-Les-Bains, France. -

26 stones in 21 sites throughout the town

Stones painted white, to represent salt, inlaid with eurocents to represent the first Credit Agricole.
Dimensions variable.

  • House of the first Credit Agricole

  • L'église de St. Maurice

  • Trough outside Les Salines (salt mine)

  • Hôtel de Ville

2003."Doors of Perception". -

Approx. 25m x 10m x 25m

Seven blue painted doors with glass windows, and five curved walls of peat blocks.
Commissioned for, Barger Compascum, Emmen, The Netherlands.

2003/4 "Garden of Achievement" -

Newall Green High School, Wythenshawe, Manchester.
A CAPE UK Project.
29m x 18m x 1.5m

Sandstone, granite, marble, slate, varied planting for all seasons. A science rock garden for elements of Key Stage 3 Geology with themed planting, working with Years 8 and 9 in 2003 and Years 7 and 8 in 2004.

2003 "Stones of Life - Journey of Silver" -

7m x 7m x 3.5m

Granite and stainless steel. The stones represent the salt mines of the area; the steel, the hopes and aspirations of the children.

Commissioned by Wharton C.E. Controlled Junior School, Winsford, Cheshire. Fabricated by Cornish Landscaping Granite.

Flower Cow-er, 2003 -

CowParade Manchester 2004.
2m x 90cm x 1.2m. Fibreglass, Astroturf, artificial flowers, paint.

Commissioned by CowParade Manchester 2004 to promote the event.

'Play, Perform and Picnic", 2002 -

120 m x 40m x 3m

Lakawanna Park, Penticton, BC, Canada. . Two earthworks with neon light beneath blue painted glass blocks and three l0m diameter circles with galvanised steel edging of purple rocks on pink gravel, yellow rocks on brown lava gravel, grey/white striated rocks on white silica gravel.

Commissioned by The Okanagan/Thompson International Sculpture Symposium, BC, Canada

'Power Flowers for Saint-Lô" 2002 -

L’Office du Tourisme, Saint-Lô. Silk roses, poppies from Remembrance Day, Astroturf, sound composed by Paul Weir.

Commissioned by Forum des Arts for Maîtres des lieux, Saint-Lô, Normandy, France.

"The Flower of the Forest" 2001 -

5m x 4m x 0.5m
Granite with painted wood.

For “From the Buds of Small Grass”, 2001 Geum Gang International Nature Art Exhibition, Kongju, Korea

"Wald, Apfelbaum, Farbe, Leben" 2001. -

80m x 20m x 4m

Larch, 4 colours of stain.

Commissioned for Kraftplatzroas
(energy emitting sculpture walk),
Irdning in the Grimming Region of Styria, Austria

"Water-fall" 2001 -

13m x 4m x 1m
Plastic bottles, metallic paint

Commissioned by Covent Garden Flower Festival for The Urban Arts Garden

"The Chain and the Wheel" 1994-2003 -

600m x 70m x 15m

Spoil with grass, wildflowers, trees, shrubs, paths and designed wooden seating still to be completed. Adjacent to the final link of the Avon Ring Road, Bristol.

Detail of designed benches in sitting areas at the top with new planting – Silver birches and juniper. Gorse and broom along edge of wildflower hollows. Feb. 2003

  • View from top of "Chains"

  • View of "Chains" from Avon Ring Road. Feb. 2003.

  • South Gloucester Council/Thyssen Construction

  • South Gloucester Council/Thyssen Construction

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • Google Earth, 2010

  • The Wheel

  • Google Earth, 2020

2001 'Drink Me!' Oak branches. -

2.15m x 1.35m x 1.1m.
Commissioned for ‘onetree’ 2001-2. The Royal Botanic Garden, Edinburgh; The Harley Gallery, Welbeck, Notts; Tatton Park, Cheshire; Bristol City Art Gallery; The Geffrye Museum, London. Now in Manchester Metropolitan University’s Special Collections
Photo: Robert Walker.

"15 Christchurch Circles"2000 -

35m x 15m x 1m
Otago schist, greywacke pebbles, Halswell and Volcanic stones,flax, cabbage trees, tussocks

For “Art in the Park” Hagley Park, Christchurch, New Zealand
Organised by Professional Arts Services

"warp.weft" 1999 -

Jesmonite acrylic
7.1m x 7.1m x 2.5m
Rochdale Partnership/Canalside SRB

"Wave" 1998 -

35m x 20m x 2m
Commissioned by “Sculpture by Sea” Bondi Headlands, Sydney, Australia

"Old Story - New Story 2000" -

Earth, grass, wrought iron gates
2.5m x 20m x 15m
Greenfield Valley, Holywell
Commissioned by Greenfield Valley Trust Ltd/
Cywaith Cymru – Artworks Wales

"The Rainbow " 1996 -

Drink cans, steel rod. 4 m x 3 m x 1.5 m.
Commissioned for The Chester Fringe Festival in Grosvenor Park, Chester

"Water, Earth to Growth" 1988 -

Cider, wine, milk bottles
20m x 15m x 5m
Commissioned by Opportunities for Women/Friends of the Earth. Islington Green, London

"Power Flower" 1998 -

White granite, green marble
10m x 15m x 1.5m
Changchun China International Invitation
Exhibition of Sculpture

"Power Flowers" 1998 -

Silk flowers, astroturf, steel frames, fragrance
Sound by Paul Weir
Stockport Art Gallery

"Earthwork Olympus" 1996-99 -

200m x 100m x 20m
Earth, grass, gravel, designed wooden benches, tree.
Cribbs Causeway Shopping Centre, Bristol
J T Baylis and Co Ltd

"Meet, Sit and Talk" 1995 -

125m x 100m x 3m

Sandstone, polished granite, gravel, grass, cement

Planting Scheme by Allan R Ruff

The Chancellors Court, University of Leeds

The “Roof Garden” was designed in collaboration with John Micklethwaite-Howe of BHWB, Leeds.

The sculpture projects in The Chancellor’s Court received two commendations for Landscape from Leeds City Council’s Architecture 2000 awards.

"Conversation" 1999 -

2m x 2m x 2m

Linking “Meet, Sit and Talk” in Chancellors Court with final stage of re-design

"Sun Wall/Earth Wall" 1997 -

Clay, straw, sand, cement, earth
10m x 6m x 2.25m
Ceramics Biennale, Beer-Sheva, Israel

"Once upon a Time" 1998 -

Unfired compressed earth blocks, cob, ceramic tiles, concrete block plinth.
10m x 6m x 1.5m
Dartington C.E Primary School, Devon, in conjunction with the Centre for Earthen Architecture, University of Plymouth

"Stay, Live and Sit" 1993. -

Original site in front if Monash Art Gallery an Museum
Dacite boulders and polished granite. 35m x 25m x 1m.
Commissioned by Monash University Gallery for the Fifth Australian Sculpture Triennial, Melbourne.
permanently sited at Monash University, Clayton, Melbourne.
Site since 2013 in Briggs Hall Garden, Clayton Campus

1993. Ethnic Cleansing: The Rape of The Women and Babies -

The  illustrations of the Aid adverts for the The Bosnian War in 1992, impacted on me, as a result of  my experiences in the former Yugoslavia where I made “Span” in Sarajevo in 1988 and “Hope” in Berlin in 1992, shortly after the wall came down. This body of work was the result.

The copper sculptures with nails, and the oil paintings on several canvases, represent the breaking up of the country and the violence, atrocities and degradation that  soldiers inevitably forced upon women and babies in every war.

  • Hope Oil on 5 canvases 150 x 120 cms

  • Hope Bricks, copper, nails Ht.150 x Dia. 100cms

  • Hope Detail with nails


  • The Rape of the Women Oil on 4 Canvases. 190 x 160 cms

  • The Rape of the Women Copper, nails. Ht. 185 x 50 x 50 cms


  • The Shame of the Women Oil on 4 canvases. 190 x 160 cms

  • The Shame of the Women Copper, nails. Ht. 185 x 50 x 50 cms


  • The Rape of the Babies Oil on 6 canvases 250 x 120 cms.

  • Endless Column of Misery Copper, nails . .300 x 50 x 50 cms

  • The Displaced Children Oil on 4 canvases 250 x 120 cms

"Hope" - 1992 -

Whole and smashed bricks sprayed gold, cactus/sabra, made from wire, clay and nails with gold paint.

Made for “Miss-ing” in 37 Raüme, Auguststrasse, Berlin Festival. At only a month’s notice around 120 women took part in this exhibition organised by curators from the Kunsthalle, Berlin, as a protest about the very few women included in Documenta in Kassel at the same time. We were asked to consider the history of the area – the Jewish Quarter – where the synagogue was bombed on Kristallnacht in November 1938, near to the Nazi Headquarters.

"The Doors are Open..." 1991 -

8m x 10m x 2m
Das andere Gedächtnis, Kampnagel, Hamburg

Pool 1992 -

Bricks, metallic paint, sound -“Aquarelle” by
Mark Hewitt
14m x 10m x 1.5m
Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University

"Gold and Black" 1991 -

Bricks, gold paint, black feathers
Height 2.6m Diameter 6.8m
Perth Institute of Contemporary Art
Western Australia

"The Bell and the Arch:Fragments" 1990 -

Bronze, steel
2.5m x 1.5m x 0.5m
Norton Priory Museum, Runcorn, Cheshire

"Tatton River" 1989 -

125m x 5m x 1m
“Capability to Contemporary” at Tatton Park,
Knutsford, Cheshire

"Dublin Divide" 1988 -

20m x 20m x 1.5m
Commissioned by the International Conference on Sculpture, Dublin.
Royal Hospital, Kilmainham, Dublin

"Span" 1988 -

Brick 7m x 7m x 1.5m
‘New Directions, New Attitudes’ — The Richard Demarco Gallery at the Collegium Artisticum, Sarajevo, Yugoslavia.

"Patch of Light" 1991 -

8m x 7m x 1m
Commissioned by the Norfolk Naturalists Trust for Foxley Wood Sculpture Trail

Imagine a World, 1987. at Watermans Arts Centre, Brentford, -

Unravelled rope large triangular  wooden structures and varied sizes of hessian covered cushions conjure up many images – of dens, wigwams, the long haired Rapunzel in her tower, barriers or safe enclosures while the hessian cushions have a practical feel of seating or building blocks. Harrison Birtwistle’s “Chronometer” enhanced the atmosphere to imagine and create different moods and experiences within the enclosures and cushions.

"From the Ruins" 1985 -

Portland stone, Chesil pebbles.
10m dia x 1.7m ht
Commissioned by the Portland Clifftop Sculpture Park 2, in Tout Quarry, Portland.

Sculptural Environment, 1984, at Salford Art Gallery and as Secret Spaces, 1985, at The St, Mary’s Centre, Chester. -

Painted steel frames 250 x 90 cms covered with tubular knitted cotton, courtesy of Seton Products Ltd, various sizes of wooden stools, music by Gyogy Ligeti’s Double Concerto for Flute, Oboe and Orchestra. This installation, inspired the ghost town of Fatepuhr Sikri in India, provided spaces for people using various sized wooden stools and lengths of tubular knitted cotton to create their own ideas and ideas within the spaces or just to sit and think quietly in one of the smaller areas within the contemplative atmosphere.